Bluetest patented reverberation test systems are cultivated through years of extensive research and development. To aid engineers dealing daily with an explosion of wireless complexity, Bluetest easy-to-use, robust reverberation systems enable engineering teams worldwide with the necessary tools to develop devices offering the best wireless performance on the market.

RTS25 – a Scaled-Down Test System

The RTS25 is the smallest member of the RTS-family and it has been optimized for measurements of WLAN, Bluetooth and IoT devices. RTS25 lets you verify wireless devices in a shielded, repeatable and accurate multipath environment. We are aware of the challenges you as an engineer are struggling with when it comes to finding a repeatable environment for OTA measurements. We have a solution now that makes your wireless even better. Our ultimate goal is to provide relevant input for design optimization and comparison between design solutions.

RTS25 - a Scaled-Down Test System

RTS65 – Designed to Save Time

The RTS65 reverberation chamber is designed to optimize the time you spend on OTA measurements. Our development focus has been on increasing the productivity in your lab. We want your focus to be on the results, not the test equipment. We have developed a generation of RTS chambers that is an integrated system which will give every engineer the user experience they deserve. The latest addition to the RTS65 includes up to 16 sub-6 GHz measurement ports and innovate solutions supporting 5G measurements including directive and isotropic measurements in the 28 and 39 GHz (FR2) mmWave bands.


RTS85 – Improve the Wireless of Large Form Factor devices

The RTS85 can handle measurements on devices with a size up to 1.2 m x 1.2 m x 1.5 m and the optional Ø 1.2 m turntable supports weights up to 150 kg.The frequency range covers from 500 MHz up to 40 GHz allowing for accurate measurements in the US 600 MHz cellular band (Band 71) as well as 5G measurements in the 28 and 39 GHz bands. The RTS85 is even available in a High power version - RTS85HP – mainly intended for testing of base stations.


RTS85HP – 5G introduces next generation of OTA testing

With 5G, we enter an exciting era for wireless testing. Base stations and Remote Radio Units (RRU) are moving towards more integrated antenna/radio solutions, as well as Massive MIMO with 64 or more radio/antenna elements. Bluetest provides the necessary solutions when new measurement challenges arise and the need for OTA testing increases.


RTS95B – Improve the Wireless of Large Form Factor devices

The spacious RTS95B lets you measure larger form factor test objects such as television screens, smart home appliances, large M2M devices, small base stations, or automotive subsystems. The optional 1.2m or 1.5m heavy duty turntable can handle devices with a weight up to 150 kg which widens the range of devices that can be tested.


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